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Cummins Holset Performance turbo

Regular Price: $2174.00

Cummins Wastegated Holset


·       Stock Replacement Turbo

·       Quick Spool

·       Bolts Up Direct

·       Floating twin hydrodynamic journal bearings

·       Adjustable polished compressor and turbine housing orientation

·       Symmetrical twin flow turbine housings

·       Superback compressor wheel for extended life and durability at high turbo speeds

·       High-pressure ratio capability


Turbo chargers improve performance and reliability. To ensure long life and reliability all our turbo chargers are triple balanced up to 180,000 RPM. Our turbo chargers feature high quality copper journal bearings, copper thrust washer, aluminum forged compressor wheel and a beautiful polished aluminum compressor housing. 

Fits 1999 - Present ISX engines.


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