5 Row White High Density Wheel Lights

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5 Row White High Density wheel lights is one of our brightest wheel light kits. This kit comes with a fully plug and play harness and fully assembled rings and brackets that makes installation a breeze. With this set of 5 Row High Intensity Wheel Lights you will turn heads like you've never seen before
Our 5 Row Wheel Lights are a superior choice because we have addressed the shortcomings of other companies' 5 and 10 row wheel lights. We recognized that the main issue was with their wire harness, which included a Bluetooth/Remote controller that had limited functionality and connectivity problems. Furthermore, the wires were not thick enough to support the high power consumption required for these wheel lights to shine at their maximum potential. To overcome these issues, we designed a completely new wire harness specifically tailored to support the 5 and 10 row wheel lights. This upgraded harness delivers the necessary power that these lights require to shine at their best. Choose our product to ensure that you receive the brightest, most reliable, and well-designed wheel lights available.
We are thrilled to present our latest collection of 5 row strips. These innovative strips boast enhanced electronic efficiency, gel-filled construction, superior build quality, exceptional weather resistance and waterproofing, color correction capabilities, and a remarkable increase in brightness. 

Presenting our meticulously crafted Plug and Play Wire harness - tailored to seamlessly fit any vehicle. With a 10ft 14-gauge power wire, rest assured of optimal efficiency, and the flexibility to discreetly tuck the relay away from the engine bay. Furthermore, the 10ft long Switch wire conveniently reaches New body style GM and all Ford vehicles, eliminating the need for a separate switch extension, thanks to the passenger-side battery placement.

Moreover, all leads boast an overkill 18-gauge wire, ensuring a smooth and robust power flow, enabling high-density wheel lights to effortlessly illuminate. The utilization of an oversized gauge wire significantly enhances the wire harness's overall efficiency, drawing less power while exponentially increasing the brightness of the wheel lights.

But that's not all! Our wire harness includes two 10ft leads and two 20ft leads, making it long enough to seamlessly install on a F250 crew cab long bed. Experience unparalleled convenience and excellence with our Plug and Play Wire harness!

What's Included
- 4 Quintuple Row High Intensity Wheel Lights
- Easy to install Plug & Play Wire harness
- Self Tapping Screws
- Zip ties
- Extra Fuses
Note: The Remote Variation has different modes, flash, flicker etc.
!!!!!1500 Style Wheel Lights may fit on 2500 or oversized brake sizes, to be 100% sure on fitment choose your correct size!!!!! 

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