BMF ROX 5.5" Bolt on SOA Lift Kit - Made in USA

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Introducing the BMF ROX 5.5" Bolt-On SOA Lift Kit! This amazing lift kit is proudly made in the USA by a Roxor owner. You don't need to have any welding skills to install it as it comes with all the necessary parts.

Just a little grinding on your differential and drilling 3 x 5/8" holes is needed. The kit includes all the steering parts and brake lines, and you can use the factory u bolts & stock shocks. For an added upgrade, we offer Bilstien shocks, which can be purchased separately. Experience the joy of driving with this 5.5 inch lift kit!

BMF ROX 5.5" Bolt on SOA Lift Kit Details:

  • Made in the USA
  • No welding skills required
  • 5.5" lift