HardCab Kymco UXV 700i Sport Cab Kit

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  • “Easy fit“ system cab kit assembly
  • Tilt out windshield
  • Windshield ventilation position possible
  • Wiper and washer
  • Exterior rear-view mirrors
  • Safety glass windshield
  • Windshield latching system
  • Extremely resistant metal roof panel
  • Sound-proof roof insulation
  • Quick assembly and disassembly of the roof panel
  • Door lock with 2 positions (safety lock)
  • Door with gas spring
  • Polycarbonate door with double-layer hardened coating (both sides)
  • Sliding door window
  • Cab interior lighting, with switch at the roof panel
  • Wiper switch  at  the roof panel
  • Sliding window in the rear panel
  • Extra hot water heating