Roxor Stage 2 Tune for 2018-2022

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Send ECM to: Diesel Freak, LLC  1795 W M 32., Gaylord MI 49735

This Tune is for NON 2023 HD Models. If you have a HD Model, Stay Tuned for tuning is coming soon.

Stage 1, Stage 2, ..... What is a Stage Tune? That's just became common language, Look at the % of gain instead Ready to Double The Factory Power with Stage 2,   Let Diesel Freak help you out with our in house tuning!  Same day Service, Boost Valve is Free with this Tune, includes Hose & Clamps We unlock the Factory limitations, removing the speed limiter and bumping the power up on average of 55-60hp, That's a 95% Gain!

Tuning isn't just Horsepower!

Here are some added benefits:

-We can adjust for Tire size or gear ratio change.

-We are the only ones to adjust the Grid Heater control temp and time delay for improved start ups. (very Important on cold starts) We can adjust your Idle RPM, we found some rock crawlers found this very useful.

-Switch on the fly HP available

-We DO NOT split the ECM or mess with the pins for tuning, This is very important for no damage to your ECM We Tune YOUR ECM directly, not a "copy and Paste" file from another vehicle, feel free to mark your ECM to be sure you get yours back.

-We do Not remove or shut off EGR

Diesel Freak bought unit #71 back in February of 2018, one of the FIRST to be working with the Roxor, we own and use ours frequently, not only Dyno testing, but Real world testing & Use.

Our Intake Connection Kit is Highly Recommended for Stage 2 as it fixes a factory boost leak at the intake. This will ensure your getting all the boost and HP while keeping your factory grid heater.

Send ECM to: Diesel Freak, LLC  1795 W M 32., Gaylord MI 49735