Roxor 5 Position Switch

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Switch for Adjustable tune settings, This will allow you to switch from stock to full stage 2 power with a click of the dial. Ranging from stock 62hp to 118 stage 2 power between 5 different clicks In almost 4 years of Roxor tuning, we have found no harm in running Stage 2 power at all times, however, maybe your children, grandchildren, etc. want to drive the Roxor and you want to reduce the power for them or you may want to reduce the power yourself for a different drivability for what you are doing with your Roxor that day. There are 5 click positions that will vary in 10-12hp increments per click. The switch dial can be mounted in the dash or under the dash in any out of the way unseen location as well. ** Tuning will need to be done for the switchable HP **    Ship to your ECM to Diesel Freak, LLC  1795 W. M32  Gaylord, MI 49735 If you currently have our stage 2 tune, ship us your ECM for tuning update, if you have Stage 1, It will be a $100 upgrade charge.