Elevador de fábrica Roxor de 3"

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Kit de elevación de fábrica Roxor de 3" Nuevo en la caja, viene completo con resortes, amortiguadores Bilstein, líneas de freno, herrajes, etc., todo lo necesario para instalar en cualquier Roxor 2018-2022.

"Accesorio" descatalogado una vez ofrecido de fábrica.

No hay reembolsos ni cambios en este artículo.

Las imágenes son de un Roxor levantado en fábrica de 2020 (Roxor no incluido)

Customer Reviews

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Will Hibbs
Must have

I bought a number 2 tune on my Roxor thinking that it would solve my 45mph max problem and give me more power. Yes I got up to 76mph but I heard a not quite a whistle but not just nothing to ignore. So I ignored it because I had some power and was able to go up to 76mph. That was good enough for me because I got legal to drive. That’s awesome. But driving it around on the daily it was week, even with a 2 stage tune. So I broke down and ordered the “intake connection kit”. Yes they advise anyone that up grades to get one. I thought it was a sales gimmick. I heard the hhhiiiissss. On my machine. So I order and put it on thinking hell I spent more money on beer than that lol. After I installed the new connection kit I drove my machine. Holy €£it my Roxor was a whole new machine that I didn’t know existed. I don’t care if you tune your machine but I highly recommend getting the boost connection kit. It is worth more than the tune!