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Trucking is in our blood, born and raised in and around the trucking industry we became familiar with the ins and outs of every make, model, and year of trucks, we began our journey working for family in the milk hauling industry, to buying our own milk trucks, to starting up a service garage for our own equipment and expanding to servicing customers.
In a poor economy with fuel prices soaring we did everything in our power to help out the truck driver, we had a service shop and work had to be finished on a Sunday so our customer could get back to his deliveries. Ryan was up on a ladder wrenching a bolt to tighten his tarp and the bold was jammed, when it broke loose Ryan found himself on the floor of the shop having fallen from the ladder and landed on his head smashing his skull. After a couple days in the ICU we learned that his brain had ricocheted off one side of his skull and there was some damage. When the brain has to heal, it doesn’t stop, it keeps you awake and the result was Ryan being awake with limited rest for 6+ months, no work just resting at home.

That left him looking to research options for fuel savings he read numerous books, searching the web for more information. Once he was back to work he gathered a group of our customers to begin a trial of different ideas he had, some good, some spectacular, we had better than a year of steady results for his harness before we decided it was necessary to name and patent his “Diesel Freak Power Harness”.

Years of knowledge, research and hard work has lead us to having a state of the art dyno testing facility, a showroom full of our name brand apparel created in house and diesel accessories specific to most makes and models. Our passion for making things better and love for the trucking industry will continue for many years to come.