Mahindra Roxor 2019+ Self-Canceling Turn Signal System



XTC Power Products Leads the way in UTV Wiring. No longer will you have to worry about leaving your turn signals on. From our Plug & Play line we introduce the 2019+ Mahindra Roxor Self-Cancelling Turn Signal System, an easy plug & play Roxor turn signal kit.

With the push of a button, the ATS will activate the corresponding turn blinker for a short duration and then automatically cancel for simple lane changes. A prolonged press of the button will yield a longer blinker duration, suitable for making left and right hand turns. You can manually cancel the turn signal by pushing the button a second time.

All Automatic Turn Signal Systems include a marine grade rocker switch with laser cut arrows that flash green like a regular car when activated. Also included in the Roxor turn signal kit is our custom ‘Horn’ rocker switch and rear power out for a license plate light or whip light.

Lastly it is easy to install with no wires to cut and no crimping, the brake lights work as turn signals just like a car including hazard lights. Everything needed to integrate with your vehicles OEM brake light harness included, unplug the rear light harness, plug-in ours and enjoy. XTC Power Products are made in America and gets you Wired For Fun®!

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Plug & Play Easy Install
Fits 2019 & Newer Mahindra Roxor, EVEN THE NEW 2022!
Includes two 1.25″ 3 LED front Amber Lights
Plugs into OEM Brake Light Harness, using Factory Rear Lights
Laser Etched LED Lit Turn Switch
Lit Emergency Hazard Switch
Rear Power Out for optional license plate light
Made in the USA!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 in