Big Diesel Freak Decal

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Introducing Custom Vinyl Decals for Cars - Big Diesel Freak Decal

Measuring 27" wide x 9" tall, this professional-quality vinyl decal boasts a 10-year lifespan when applied correctly to a clean and smooth surface. Made with Oracle 970 vinyl and a gloss laminate finish, the decal is durable and outdoor-friendly.

With its easy application mask, you can quickly transfer the decal to various surfaces like walls, glass, plastic, tile, metal, and even painted wood. Plus, it comes with application instructions and a sample vinyl decal for practice.
 Make sure to follow the installation instructions to prevent issues.

NOTE About Big Diesel Freak Decal:

  • Avoid power washing or high pressure washing to preserve the adhesive. Also,
  • avoid placing it in the way of vehicle wipers to ensure durability during use. Shop now and add style to your ride!