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Upgrade your Mahindra Roxor with this Cab Heater Kit to keep yourself warm when the temperature drops.

This side by side cab heater is equipped with a multi-speed fan and comes with both, the fully adjustable floor louvers (allowing you to push air to driver and passenger locations) and two defrost vents.

Floor louver brackets install flush to the dash lip, so vents hang flush below the edge of the dash. The defrost vents install between dash bolts and align symmetrically across the top of the dash, and all heater components hide under the dash so they are not visible by riders.

You will have to splice into the coolant line for inter-cooler, for heat from the engine. Also, the openings across the dash for the defrost vents will need to be cut out.

Cab Heater Kit Instructions:


Customer Reviews

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Chris Hulm

Cab Heater Kit

I was curious why the 3 start review, I was saddened to hear you hadn't opened or installed the kit yet :(
Let us know once you get to installing it how it works!

Joe Scheele
Inferno heater

That heater is awesome! Directions were for the most part pretty clear. Only thing I would say to do different is to put a short off in one of the heater lines….which I did….just to be able to keep the hot air out of the can in summer time. Also no thermostat for better control of temp would be nice. But overall I think it’s great and works better!

Gregory Ye
Dang Good Heatet

Inferno heater is easy to install and heat output is very good. Small size takes up minimal space. Utility at its finest!!

Tim Martin
Roxor cab heater

So I ordered a Keyes fuse block which was suggested and I glad that I did. But if you install fuse block where it is recommended and then install heater where it is recommend the heater will block access to the fuse block. Had to move heater down and over.
The heater Description does not explain what comes with the kit. So I had to purchase a shutoff valve to prevent hot water passing the core in the summer months. Haven’t had to melt ice off windshield yet, little concerned that the defroster does have a lot of flow, it may be fine. But overall it’s not bad.

Works good plastic parts need improved

Works good so far hasn't been real cold yet but think it will probably be just fine