Cen-Pe-Co 20w50 Racing Oil / 2gallon

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Cen Pe Co Heavy Duty High Performance SAE 20w-50 Race Oil 2 U.S Gallons 20W-50 RACING OIL Cen-Pe-Co Engine oils are formulated with the best ingredients for maximum performance and protection for your engine. Cen-Pe-Co has always maintained that top quality and performance of their products is top priority, making them "The World's Best Heavy-Duty Lubricants. While most manufacturers have cut back on the amount of zinc in their formulations, Cen-Pe-Co has added extra, high quality zinc compounds. This extra zinc protects and reduces wear, inhibits oil oxidation (breakdown), and reduces rust formulation during downtime and storage. Cen-Pe-Co is the oil of choice on all our Diesel Freak High Performance Engines! 20w50 Racing Oil is a high-performance motor oil designed specifically for racing and high-performance engines. This oil is engineered to provide maximum protection and performance in extreme conditions, such as high-speed racing, hot weather, and heavy load applications. The 20w50 Racing Oil is formulated using premium base oils and advanced additives that provide superior protection against wear, deposits, and thermal breakdown. Its high viscosity provides excellent film strength, which helps to prevent metal-to-metal contact and reduces engine wear. This motor oil is suitable for use in a wide range of racing and high-performance engines, including those fitted with turbochargers or superchargers. It is also ideal for use in engines with high compression ratios or flat-tappet camshafts, where additional protection against wear is required. The 20w50 Racing Oil is easy to use and compatible with all conventional and synthetic motor oils. Its advanced formulation provides excellent protection against engine wear, deposit formation, and oil breakdown, ensuring that the engine performs at its best under all conditions. Overall, 20w50 Racing Oil is an excellent choice for anyone who demands the best performance and protection for their racing or high-performance engine. Its high-quality formulation and compatibility make it an excellent investment for racing enthusiasts, professional race teams, and anyone who wants to maximize the performance and lifespan of their high-performance engine.