Cummins ISX Adjustable Fuel Pressure Harness

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QUESTION: How Does it work?

ANSWER: One Harness will plug in between your factory fuel pressure sensor and your factory wiring. By plugging into the fuel pressure sensor we're able to alter the sensor to the ECM, increasing the rail pressure from 20,000 psi to apx 22,000 psi, giving it a 10% increase in pressure. The second function is where the biggest part of the gain comes from. We adjust the engines injection pulse width, changing timing essentially. This increases horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency without causing any damage to your motor.

QUESTION: Will these harnesses effect the longevity or reliability of my engine?

ANSWER: No. We have never experienced an ill effect by running these harnesses on any motor. The factory has maximum parameters already programmed into your ECM on your engine. All we do is go to those max parameters. We cannot make it go past those. Your engine is still within the maximum allowable specs of your engine set by your factory.

QUESTION: Will this effect my engine warranty?

ANSWER: No. We are an ADD-ON after market product. To date after 15 years of service, we have not had a single warranty issue. If you do not want/like the product, just remove it and it leaves no trace or footprint on the engine or in the ECM.

QUESTION: How hard is it to install?

ANSWER: With every harness order you get detailed instructions sent along with a wiring diagram of your engine. The fixed harness typically takes 5 minutes. The adjustable harness could take up to an hour.

QUESTION: Will my engine run differently?

ANSWER: Yes it will. There will be no more turbo lag, virtually eliminated and your throttle response will be quick and crisp.

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kenneth pettrey jr
2001 isx diesel freak knob!!

From what was shown from the photo of the part it came as just a knob and not with the the other shown plugin adapter so you wouldn’t have to splice into the factory wire, but I’m very happy with the performance as it did up the pressure as stated and it does pick up a little faster with the rpm thankfully doesn’t blow a lot of black smoke,.