Detroit 12.7L series 60 damper

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Introducing our high-quality Detroit 12.7L Series 60 damper for the 1993 - 2004.5 Detroit Series 60 12.7L Engines. With a generous 1 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty, you can rest assured knowing you have a durable and reliable product.

Our rotary viscous damper is designed with an inertia ring that freely rotates, surrounded by a viscous silicone fluid. Enclosed in a laser-welded, sealed housing, this technology effectively reduces destructive torsional vibrations in the crankshaft.

Without this damper, crankshaft torsional vibrations can cause various issues, such as cracked or broken crankshafts, valve train problems, and premature bearing wear. Protect your engine with our premier damper for long-lasting performance.