Extended 4 Seat Accessory Bar

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Extended Accessory Bar now available to make your new 2022 or newer Roxor have a full Roof or Full cab, or just use them to hang Speakers, Fire Extinguisher, jacks and more. Working again with HighFlo Performance, We have designed an accessory bar to mimic the factory 4 seat ROPS once offered.

This is an ACCESSORY Bar as they are NOT ROPS certified and are NOT intended to be.

These bars Also do not interfere with or change the factory Roll Over Protection from the Factory. These bars are made of 1.75" tubing and powdercoated to match the existing bars on your Roxor, The bars bolt on at the B Pillar and will bolt together at the back to form a C pillar at the back utilizing factory holes at the rear of the body. NO NEW holes need to be drilled. Easily adapted to "pick up style Rops", if you have an 18-20 with "Sport Rops", you would need to modify your bars to fit. HighFlo Performance is a Local Michigan Fab shop to us here at Diesel Freak, together bringing you the best products to market with USA materials.