GL5 Differential Fluid

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Meets & Exceeds Roxor OEM specifications, Cen-Pe-Co Lube is our fluid of choice. This is a 80w90 lube with Temp Tac. Temp Tac is an additive which bonds to the metals and creates a "coating", this is important for slower moving vehicles and vehicles that may sit for a few days. This is for 1 gallon as your Front & Rear Diff call for 1.9 quarts each, so 1 gallon is all you need! GL5 Differential Fluid is a high-performance lubricant designed specifically for use in automotive and heavy-duty differentials. This fluid is formulated to provide excellent protection and performance in extreme conditions, such as high-speed driving, heavy loads, and severe temperatures. The GL5 Differential Fluid is made using high-quality base oils and advanced additives that provide superior protection against wear, corrosion, and deposit formation. Its high viscosity ensures that the fluid stays in place, providing long-lasting protection and reducing the need for frequent reapplication. This fluid is ideal for use in differentials that are subject to heavy loads and constant movement. Its advanced formulation helps to reduce friction and wear, which can extend the lifespan of the differential and improve its overall performance. The GL5 Differential Fluid is easy to use and compatible with all conventional and synthetic gear oils. Its advanced formulation meets or exceeds the requirements of many leading automotive and heavy-duty equipment manufacturers, including Mack, Navistar, and Dana. Overall, GL5 Differential Fluid is an excellent choice for anyone who demands the best performance and protection for their automotive or heavy-duty differential. Its high-quality formulation and compatibility make it an excellent investment for fleet operators, owner-operators, and anyone who wants to maximize the performance and lifespan of their differential system. Cen-Pe-Co Lubricants is hard to come by, we are now a stocking dealer of this USA made product.