Gord's Aluminum Wheel Polish Gallon

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Gords, a completly all metal polish in '1' Gord's, removes heavy oxidation & surface rusting from Aluminum, Chrome & Stainless without and prepping except soap & water - C.C. Freightliner, Discount Tire CC, and a few driver friends asked him to bring his secret to the market. We do details daily, thus standing behind our product and every process that we give you. Gords Polish has "NO" temperature limitations. Gords Polish can clean Aluminum, Chrome, & Stainless Steel at 5F to 150F degrees no matter what the outside conditions are. Use Gord's whenever you want to no waiting on the weather. Chasen the Best Professional Strength Cleaner, Polish & Sealer all in 1 Process, it prevents Oxidation from Returning Gordon's Secret Polish formula has been around since December 2003.

Restore-Aluminum to "like new" condition with Gord's Cleaner, polish & sealer all in one process!? Remove surface rust from chrome without scratching, and remove yellowing from headlights, too!? Remove salt water and acid brightener staining with Gord's uniquely formulated Polish/Sealer like none other.

Gord's Polish is 15 times less abrasive the most polishes on the market today.

Gord's Polish uses powerful soap based cleaning agents, not amonia or harmful acids to clean.

Gord's uses non abrasive components & cleaners to help cut through the grunge faster than any other.

Gords is Oilfield & Gravel Pit Tested & Approved.