Intake Connection Kit for 2018-2022 Roxor

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2018-2022 Roxor

From the factory, every Roxor leaks boost from new. Which is loss of power and efficiency from the turbo to the engine. We have found this leak at as low as 2 psi of boost pressure. We found the factory pieces to be “egg” shaped or “out of round” and the mounting plates to be “warped” or not completely flat. Our new pieces are CNC machined to tight specifications, completely flat and have internal O-rings for ultimate securement to the factory intake.  The top is a larger 2 ¼” pipe with “bead roll” compared to the factory smooth 2” round surface. The Bead roll is important as it won't allow the boot to slip off.

Intake Connection Kit Includes

-CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Top and Bottom Mounts for Intake Grid Heater -New Grid Heater Gaskets

-This is a direct bolt on piece that also utilizes the factory hold down bracket

-New T304 Stainless steel T-Bolt clamps For replacing the factory grid heater and intake mouth piece.

-New Silicone Boot and clamps that will allow for easy connection. The Silicone boot may need to be trimmed to size for length, this can be done easily with a razor knife.

-We utilize the factory Grid heater for those cold start ups.

Customer Reviews

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JP Maynard

Perfect upgrade for more power.

Bradley Cook
Roxor intake kit

Awesome product, does what it’s meant to do worth every penny. Excellent quality also!

Will Hibbs
Awesome must have

Must have
I bought a number 2 tune on my Roxor thinking that it would solve my 45mph max problem and give me more power. Yes I got up to 76mph but I heard a not quite a whistle but not just nothing to ignore. So I ignored it because I had some power and was able to go up to 76mph. That was good enough for me because I got legal to drive. That’s awesome. But driving it around on the daily it was week, even with a 2 stage tune. So I broke down and ordered the “intake connection kit”. Yes they advise anyone that up grades to get one. I thought it was a sales gimmick. I heard the hhhiiiissss. On my machine. So I order and put it on thinking hell I spent more money on beer than that lol. After I installed the new connection kit I drove my machine. Holy €£it my Roxor was a whole new machine that I didn’t know existed. I don’t care if you tune your machine but I highly recommend getting the boost connection kit. It is worth more than the tune!

Leon Graves
Five star on parts!!

So far it’s doing great!!!
But I have a issue with transmission leaking between the trans and transfer case wondering if youall ever had that issue to happen it has a little over 1100 miles on it any feedback would be appreciated THANK YOU!

Perfection as usual

As with everything a person buys from diesel freak the intake connection kit does exactly what it's supposed to. Install is fairly straightforward and the product is flawless.