Roxor Stage 1 Tune for 2018-2022

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Send ECM to: Diesel Freak, LLC  1795 W M 32., Gaylord MI 49735

This Tune is for NON 2023 HD Models. If you have a HD Model, Stay Tuned for tuning is coming soon.

Stage 1, stage 2 ? What does stage tuning mean? It's became just language in tuning, Look at the % of gain and added benefits Do you need a little extra power in your Roxor?  Let Diesel Freak help you out with our in house tuning! 

Same day Service

-We unlock the Factory limitations, removing the speed limiter and bumping the power up on average from 60-62hp stock to 90-92HP That's a 50% gain! Tuning isn't just about Horsepower,

Here are some other added benefits to our tuning:

-We can adjust for Tire size or gear ratio change.

-Remap throttle pedal for better response

- We Brighten and crisp the clarity of the digital speedometers (2022 models)

-We are the only ones to adjust the Grid Heater control temp and time delay for improved start ups. (very important in cold weather)

-We can adjust your Idle RPM, we found some rock crawlers found this very useful. -We DON'T split the ECM or mess with the pins for tuning, This is very important for no damage to your ECM

We Tune YOUR ECM directly, not a "copy and Paste" file from another vehicle, feel free to mark your ECM to be sure you get yours back.

Diesel Freak Bought unit #71 back in February of 2018, one of the FIRST to be working with the Roxor, we own and use ours frequently, not only Dyno testing, but Real world testing & Use.

Send ECM to: Diesel Freak, LLC  1795 W M 32., Gaylord MI 49735