Spartan lunchbox style locker

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Introducing the Spartan Locker, a lunchbox-style locker designed for the Mahindra Roxor. This innovative accessory provides added functionality and performance to your vehicle. With easy-to-follow installation instructions specific to the Roxor, you can quickly and effortlessly enhance your off-road adventures. The Spartan Locker is engineered to optimize traction and reduce wheel slippage, ensuring improved safety and control on rough terrains. Say goodbye to potential locker problems and experience the remarkable performance of the Spartan Locker for the 19 spline Dana axles. Check out our Spartan Locker review online and discover how this lockable lunch box locker can elevate your off-road experience. Enhance your Mahindra Roxor's performance with Spartan Lockers - find quality accessories for your Mahindra Roxor and enjoy your adventures to the fullest. OEM Part Number0502AUA00041N