Banks Pre-Filter Filter Wrap for use with Banks Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake Systems

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Banks pre-filter wraps are designed to work with your Ram-Air intake system. Constructed from a polyester mesh (with uniform micron openings) for improved filtering of larger debris and dirt.

Also treated to repel water improving performance in humid or wet environments. Resists heat over 400 degrees and will not shatter in freezing temperatures. By blocking larger debris, your Banks Ram-Air filter is able to breathe easier longer, not only improving performance, but also increasing the time between services.

Highly recommended in dirty environments. Keep your Ram-Air Filter protected from large debris, bugs, mud, etc... Built from a breathable material, the Banks Pre-Filter goes over your air filter, provides additional protection, and can even extend cleaning intervals. Works with both Dry and Oiled filters.

Banks Pre-Filter Filter Wrap Details:

    • Prevents large debris clogging filter pleats
    • Reduces service intervals
    • Extends filter life
    • Cleanable and reusable