Roxor Full Flip up Windshield by Hardcabs

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Wiper Washer Kit
  • DOT rated tempered and laminated safety glass
  • 3 position locking windshield;  Closed, 4 inch vented and completely open
  • Gas spring assist
  • Easy install
The Roxor Full Flip Up Windshield is a high-quality accessory designed for the Mahindra Roxor off-road vehicle. This windshield is made of DOT rated tempered and laminated safety glass, ensuring long-lasting protection from the elements while driving on rough terrain. The windshield is designed to fit perfectly on the Roxor and can be easily installed without any modification to the vehicle. It features a flip-up design that allows for easy access to the front of the vehicle, making it convenient for maintenance or cleaning. Additionally, the windshield can be quickly removed for open-air driving when desired. The Roxor Full Flip Up Windshield is built to withstand extreme weather conditions and resist impact from rocks and debris. Its clarity ensures maximum visibility, even in low-light conditions, allowing for a safer driving experience. The windshield also comes with all necessary hardware for installation, making it easy to attach to the Roxor without any additional tools or equipment. Overall, the Roxor Full Flip Up Windshield is an excellent investment for any Roxor owner who wants to improve their off-road driving experience. It provides superior protection from the elements, while also enhancing visibility and convenience.