Roxor Manual Gauge kit

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We start with the Auto Meter 3 gauge cluster, Then include our Adaptive fittings. Water - There is 2 locations for the water temp, the 1st and easiest is located on the Thermostat Housing, The 2nd being on the driverside of the engine block. Then use Autometer supplied parts & instructions. You will lose a little bit of coolant when removing either of these, after install, be sure to check your coolant level. Top off with factory spec Coolant of: - JIS K2234/ASTM D3306 Oil – 1 port available for oil pressure, located on the passenger side of the engine block towards the rear, we found this much easier to change with the exhaust pipe removed from the turbo. Remove plug and install Adapter fitting. Then use Autometer supplied parts & instructions You will lose a bit of oil, be sure to check your oil level once completed. Voltage – Follow Instructions supplied by AutoMeter Kit contains: Gauges, Oil & Coolant fitting adapters