Roxor OEM Front Brake Caliper

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The Roxor front brake caliper is typically made of high-grade materials, such as aluminum or steel, to ensure durability and withstand the harsh conditions of off-road driving. It is also designed with precision to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

The caliper is located on the front wheel hub and is connected to the brake pads and brake rotor. When the brake pedal is pressed, hydraulic pressure is applied to the caliper, which then squeezes the brake pads against the rotor, creating friction and slowing down the vehicle.

The Roxor front brake caliper is a vital component that requires periodic maintenance and inspection to ensure it is functioning properly. This includes checking for any signs of wear or damage, such as leaks or corrosion, and replacing any worn or damaged parts as needed.

Overall, the Roxor front brake caliper is an essential component of the Roxor off-road vehicle's braking system, providing reliable stopping power for safe off-road driving.