OTR Roxor Rear Quarter Panel Armor

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OTR’s Rear Quarter Panel Armor will give your Roxor maximum protection on the trail! CNC precision laser cut from Extremely Heavy Duty 3/16″ Aluminum and formed to fit the Roxor’s quarter panel. Let these panels take the brunt of the trail carnage, keeping your Roxor body looking strait. These panel armors are built specifically to accept the Max-Bilt Trail Tail LED Taillights. MAX-BILT TRAIL TAIL LED TAILLIGHTS. These tail lights have proven to take extreme abuse from the trail, making them a perfect fit for the OTR Quarter Panel Armor. Factory Tail Lights will not cover the holes cut in the panels for the Max-Bilt Taillights. Call for special ordering of panels with no holes cut. *Max-Bilt Trail Tail LED Taillights not included Taillights available: MAX-BILT TRAIL TAIL LED TAILLIGHTS