S3 Heavy Duty 15w-40 Engine Motor Oil / 2 Gallon

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S3 Heavy Duty 15w-40 Engine Motor Oil 2 U.S. Gallons Cen-Pe-Co S3 motor oil is A super high performance oil for light, heavy, and extremely heavy-duty service in most turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel and gasoline engines. Cen-Pe-Co Engine oils are formulated with the best ingredients for maximum performance and protection for your engine. Cen-Pe-Co has always maintained that top quality and performance of their products is top priority, making them "The World's Best Heavy-Duty Lubricants. While most manufacturers have cut back on the amount of zinc in their formulations, Cen-Pe-Co has added extra, high quality zinc compounds. This extra zinc protects and reduces wear, inhibits oil oxidation (breakdown), and reduces rust formulation during downtime and storage. Exceeds API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF, CE, CF-2, CD-II, CD, CC, SJ, SH, SG, SF, SE, SD, SAE 15W-40 S3 Heavy Duty 15w-40 Engine Motor Oil is a premium quality lubricant designed for use in heavy-duty diesel engines. This motor oil is specifically formulated to provide superior protection and performance under the most demanding operating conditions. The S3 Heavy Duty 15w-40 Engine Motor Oil is made using high-quality base oils and advanced additive technology, which provides excellent protection against wear, corrosion, and deposit formation. Its viscosity is carefully selected to provide outstanding performance in both high and low-temperature environments, ensuring the engine stays lubricated and protected under all conditions. This motor oil is suitable for use in a wide range of heavy-duty diesel engines, including those fitted with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems and diesel particulate filters (DPF). It is recommended for use in vehicles operating in severe-duty applications, such as long-haul trucking, construction, and agriculture. The S3 Heavy Duty 15w-40 Engine Motor Oil is easy to use and compatible with all conventional and synthetic motor oils. It meets or exceeds the requirements of many leading engine manufacturers, including Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel. Overall, S3 Heavy Duty 15w-40 Engine Motor Oil is an excellent choice for anyone who demands the best performance and protection for their heavy-duty diesel engine. Its high-quality formulation and compatibility make it an excellent investment for fleet operators, owner-operators, and anyone who wants to maximize the performance and lifespan of their diesel engine.