TRX-50 Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit (50 pcs)

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Whether you're on or off road, always be prepared with the TRX-50 Tire Repair Kit by JACO. This emergency roadside kit includes everything you need to quickly plug and repair tire punctures, and perform general tire valve repairs to help get you back on the road or trail faster.

What's in the Kit?

  • 20 pcs - Repair Cords
  • 1 pcs - T-Handle Spiral Probe Tool
  • 1 pcs - T-Handle Insert Tool
  • 2 pcs - Replacement Insert Tool Needles
  • 2 pcs - Allen Keys
  • 1 pcs - Needle Nose Pliers
  • 1 pcs - Lube Jar
  • 1 pcs - 4-Way Valve Tool
  • 8 pcs - Valve Extenders 
  • 8 pcs - Schrader Valve Cores 
  • 4 pcs - Plastic Dust Caps 
  • 4 pcs - Metal Dust Caps 
  • 1 pcs - Heavy Duty Storage Case

Easy-to-follow instructions for performing tire puncture repairs are included in the kit.

Key Features

  • Always be Prepared - includes everything you need to quickly repair and plug tire punctures on your car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, ATV, or passenger vehicle.
  • Built to Last - all parts included in this kit are built to the highest standards to ensure your safety.
  • Longer Lasting Tires - we use only the highest quality repair cords that harden as they heat up as the tires create friction while you drive, creating a longer lasting seal to help avoid costly premature tire replacements.
  • Tire Valve Repair - the included clear box features various tools and parts for performing general tire valve repair (valve cores, valve tool, dust caps, valve extenders).
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions - get back on the road or trail faster with our easy-to-follow instructions to help you quickly identify the puncture location, probe the hole, and plug the damage to keep air in your tires.
  • Heavy Duty Storage Case - neatly organize all tools and parts in the kit with the hard storage case with custom fitted slots for each part.

All parts and accessories in this kit are proudly covered by our industry-best 100% Lifetime Warranty!

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