Tummy Tuck for Roxor

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This kit will re clock your transfer gaining you 3" ground clearance at the center point, eliminating the stock cross member and will become a full underbody skid. The center section will drop out for future maintenance needs. This kit will allow for OEM, OTR & Cecco Engine oil pan skids to remain in place. The 4wd shifter retains it's location.

Kit will include a new T-case adapter plate, New Cross member, speed sensor adapter, bushings, hardware & instructions to complete the job. We found it easier to drop the transmission and Transfer case both to complete the job, but is not required. Keep this in mind on your skill set and tools required (floor jack, drill, jack Stands, etc.)

A nut-zert gun will be required, we offer one if you need, select at checkout.

Red or Matte Black available, contact us for custom color by calling 989-748-4145 or info@dieselfreak.com 

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Does what it says

It's a nice feeling to load up the roxor on the trailer knowing I dont have anything to fix when I get her home LOL I owe it to this thing. Great investment... get one!!

Ric Cortez
Skid plate / tummy tuck

This thing is Awesome, Extra ground clearance, protection of vital parts, if you have ever been caught high center by the old cross member you need this!! As unstoppable as these Roxors are, this part makes them even better. love mine. Thank you Wade for all you do for the Roxor Enthusiasts/ owners.